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Video Intercom

Security Floodlight Camera with Wi-Fi


  • Smart floodlight camera with motion sensor
  • Keeping watch and lighting the way.
  • No subscription fees, with local SD card storage & access to full features.
  • Remote monitoring and light control from anywhere with the IntelLink app.
  • Connect with the IntelLink family.
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Keeping watch

Never miss a beat in your home’s security with our Zoned Motion Detection Recording feature in Full HD. 

Monitor your entrances, exits, and crucial areas day and night. Catch every detail with crystal-clear imaging from our smart floodlight camera, giving you peace of mind that your premises remain secure.

Smart Home, Safe Home

Home safety in the 21st century is about connected devices. With the IntelLink family, you can unify and manage all your home safety devices from one convenient hub. 

Experience the convenience of interconnected security.


Master Your Security

Your command centre is at your fingertips with the IntelLink App. Monitor your security camera, control the intensity of your floodlights, and communicate through the in-built speaker, regardless of your location. 

Maintain full control over your security with just a touch – all you need is an internet connection.

Home safety, connected.

Connect with the IntelLink family and view all your home safety devices from one convenient place.


Capture the Essentials

With three adjustable surveillance zones, your focus remains where it’s needed the most.

Engineered for Reliability

Rain, hail, or shine, the floodlight stands guard with its robust IP65 rating.

Storage Simplified

Locally save your data on an SD card, or opt for a myriad of cloud storage services accessible to all IntelLink devices.


Receive real-time app notifications on movement and use a 100dB siren when needed.

Easy Automation

Control your light and camera using Google Home and Alexa Echo Show for simplified home management.

Local Support

Rest assured knowing there is local technical support at our HQ in Burwood, Victoria.  Simply call 1300 772 776 to speak to our friendly support team!

How to:

1. Purchase IntelLink INT1FLCAM-B

2. You will need a licensed electrician to install this product

3. Connect to the app

What you’ll need:

  • Purchase IntelLink INT1FLCAM-B
  • Access to 240V 
  • Connect to the app


Full HD Camera
Zoned PIR
Light control
App connectivity
2-way audio
Security siren
Cloud and local storage
150 degree viewing angle
Motion detection
Works With google
Works With Alexa
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