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Wireless Alarm System


Keep your home and family safe and secure with our DIY security alarm system.

    • High-quality wireless motion detection and window/door sensors.
    • Easy installation.
    • Receive instant alerts on your phone.
    • Stylish and modern design.


Comes with:

  • Control Hub
  • 1 x Wireless motion sensor
  • 1 x Wireless door/window sensor
  • 2 x Remotes
  • 2 x Keyfobs
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  • Add Accessories

Home Security Made Easy

Designed to provide comprehensive home security without the complexities of wired installations, our DIY smart home security system is the perfect solution for protecting your loved ones and valuable possessions. Experience the ease, flexibility, and dependability of a wireless alarm system that puts you in control.

Easy DIY installation.

Setting up your home security system has never been easier. With intuitive step-by-step instructions and simple pairing processes, you can have your entire system up and running in no time without needing professional assistance.

High-quality motion detection.

When it comes to detecting motion within your home, our wireless alarm system utilises high-quality PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor technology. With the ability to monitor your rooms and hallways, our PIR sensors keep a watchful eye on any movement, alerting you immediately if anything seems out of the ordinary.

Secure your doors and windows.

Our wireless DIY security alarm system employs advanced reed switch technology to ensure the safety of your access points. With our reliable reed switches in place, you can rest easy knowing that any unauthorised entry will be detected and promptly addressed.

Stay Informed with Real-Time Alerts

Receive notifications directly to your smartphone through our user-friendly app, or via SMS using the built-in GSM module* when the system is armed, disarmed, or triggered. Whether connected to Wi-Fi or relying on the GSM network, you’ll always be in the know about the security of your home.

* SIM Card is required.

Home safety, connected.

Our DIY wireless alarm system integrates seamlessly with our user-friendly IntelLink app, enabling you to monitor your home from anywhere in the world.


Comprehensive Wireless Coverage

With our wireless alarm system, you can effortlessly connect up to 50 PIR sensors or reed switches, ensuring complete coverage of your entire home. Our battery-powered wireless sensors eliminate the need for complex wiring, allowing you to position and connect them with ease.

Flexible protection

Multiple arming options (Normal, Delay, Stay, 24 Hours) allow for complete control over your level of protection.

Built-in siren

A loud 105dB built-in siren alarm will alert you of potential intruders.

Hard-wired expansions

Connect up to 2 sensors and an internal siren with the hard-wired connection port.

Blackout protection

A four-hour backup battery ensures continued protection of your home during a power loss.

Check-in communications

Easily connect through the alarm panel using the IntelLink mobile app.

What you'll need:

• Power point for the control hub

Optional External Siren

Upgrade your existing system with a wireless Outdoor External Siren Strobe.

• Alert your neighbours if there is a potential break-in in your home.

• Deter any would-be thieves.

• Flashing lights draw attention to your property.

Need help?

Cost effective wireless system for fast installation
Easy programming via app or panel
Connect to Wi-Fi and GSM for dual communication safety
Immediate app notifications or phone call/SMS alerts* on intrusion
Add up to 50 sensors with customisable zone names
Loud 105dB in-built siren
Normal/Delay/Stay/24hr zone setups
Two way talk between panel & mobile phone*
In-built optional hardwired zone and siren/strobe output provided
SMS up to 3 mobile numbers, call up to 5 mobile numbers and 2 central monitoring stations*
Receive notifications on arming/disarming/when using remotes/RFIT tags
Up to 4 hours battery back-up
iOs and Android app
*feature requires SIM card (not supplied)


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