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Video Intercom

Access Keypad with Wi-Fi

WiFi access control keypad

  • Multiple ways to access: code, fingerprint, fobs.
  • Remote access and control from anywhere with the IntelLink app.
  • Connect with the IntelLink family.
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Access made easy.

Save time and hassle with multiple ways to access your property.  Customise one-time codes for tradies or workers, issue swipe cards or fobs to family members or simply register your fingerprint and don’t sweat losing your keys or forgetting codes again.

Control from anywhere.

If you’re not home, but need to allow people access, you can unlock the door remotely from the app, or assign them a temporary code from anywhere using the IntelLink App.

Home safety, connected.

Connect with the IntelLink family and view all your home safety devices from one convenient place.


Built to withstand

With an IP66 rating and anti-vandal metal case, the IntelLink keypad is built to withstand most environments.

Keep track

Monitor who has been in and out of your property with an access log viewable from the App.

Loads of users

Scalable for domestic use to larger businesses, allowing up to 988 unique individual registered users.

Easily adaptable to common access systems.

*Your existing access control system may have special requirements for external access control.
Please consult with your installer or the product manufacturer for more information.

How to:

1. Purchase IntelLink access keypad

2. Access to a 240V power point

3. An electric strike or magnetic lock

What you’ll need:
• You will need a technician or electrician to install this
• Access to a power point
• An electric strike or magnetic lock 

Programmable time restriction for users
Opening record
Metal housing
Pin code access
Fingerprint Scanner
Swipe card
App connectivity
Remote access
Up to 988 user registrations
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