One App For All

Connect and manage your home security cameras and devices seamlessly with the IntelLink home security mobile app. Experience comprehensive safety at your fingertips, without the hassle of multiple apps.

Family-Friendly Access.

Grant access to your loved ones with the IntelLink smart home security app. Customise permissions and ensure a safe home environment for everyone.

Receive notifications when something is amiss, when a package arrives or when the kids are home.

Effortless Device Management.

Toggle lights, tweak settings, and automate devices effortlessly. The IntelLink Home Safety app makes smart security simple.

On-demand monitoring and playback.

Monitor your home in real-time, playback recorded footage from your home security camera with the mobile app, and instantly communicate with visitors through it.

Security notifications and alerts.

Stay informed with instant alerts and notifications from your home security cameras. The IntelLink home security app keeps you connected and aware wherever you are.

Cloud storage

Never run out of disk space again with IntelLink’s cloud service subscription*; your security recordings are safely stored and always accessible.

*Available for floodlight, CCTV and alarm systems.

Reliable home surveillance with our CCTV – your eyes everywhere, ensuring safety and security.

Our Video Intercom lets you see who’s there, engage in conversations with visitors, or unlock the door, all remotely.

Ease of entry with secure, fast recognition. Our Keypad keeps your home safe and entry hassle-free.

Intelligent Floodlight that lights up your space and alerts you to any activity. Deter intruders with the siren or communicate through the 2-way speaker.

Control and automate your home lighting with ease using our innovative Smart Switch.

Be alerted at the first sign of intrusion with our sophisticated Alarm System, designed for your home’s defence.