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Video Intercom

Smart Video Intercom System Kit with Wi-Fi – Gen 2


More than an intercom

  • Receive notifications when someone rings the bell.
  • Record unwanted guests.
  • Speak to people at your door no matter where you are.
  • Connect with the IntelLink family.


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Instant Notifications.

Whether you’re in your living room or halfway across the world, receive real-time alerts on your phone and internal monitor when someone’s at your door.

Safe And Secure.

Deter and capture unsolicited visitors or package thieves with options for local (SD card) or secure cloud storage.

Never Miss A Delivery.

Instantly know when deliveries arrive with real-time phone and monitor alerts from your smart video intercom system.

Seamless Connectivity.

Seamlessly integrate with the broader IntelLink family for a comprehensive safety net.


Don't Fret Unexpected Visitors.

Manage unexpected guests with ease, thanks to the system’s real-time visibility and secure communication features.

Personal touch

Transform idle monitors into warm displays of cherished family memories.

Vigilant security

Record at the press of the doorbell, ensuring you always know who’s at your door.

Seamless Entry

Locked out? Breathe easy! Use the app to offer instant access for you or your family.

Tailored alerts

Set your preferred monitor volumes. Say goodbye to disruptions during odd hours.

Effortless upgrades

Transition seamlessly from any 4-wire system to IntelLink, stepping into a world of smarter tech.

Enhanced connectivity

Expand your coverage with up to 6 monitors and dual doorbells for versatile access points.

Custom tones

Jazz, rock, or classical – pick a ringtone that resonates with your taste.


Come rain or shine; our IP65-rated smart home intercom stands undeterred.

How to:

1. Purchase IntelLink INT27WSK

2. Hire an installer

3. Connect to the app

What you’ll need:
• Purchase IntelLink INT27WSK
• Connect to the app

Experience the IntelLink Difference – Download the App Now



Metal IP65 weather rated door station.
Answer, talk, monitor, record or release the door lock from the monitor at home, or from your phone.
When SD card is fitted, record images by motion detection or doorbell press or record images.
Digital photo frame.
Two way audio.
4 Wire system.
Night vision.
Expandable up to 2 door cameras and 6 indoor monitors.
Share access to the device through the IntelLink app.
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