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What is the warranty on IntelLink Products?2020-09-15T04:09:35+00:00

The IntelLink Video Intercom has a 24-month warranty. For technical support, please email or

Can the IntelLink Intercom connect to a mobile app?2020-08-27T23:34:40+00:00

Yes it can, when the doorbell is pressed, you can get a notification on your mobile phone and talk to the visitor.
For the app, search IntelLink on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. For setup to the IntelLink monitor follow these easy to follow steps.

Can the you release an electric door strike from the IntelLink app?2020-08-27T23:35:37+00:00

Yes. The IntelLink app and video intercom will allow door release for a door strike and motorised gate. Note, the motorised gate contact is wired from the back of the IntelLink monitor providing a NO contact.

Can you monitor the door remotely from the app without doorbell being pressed?2020-08-27T23:36:17+00:00

Yes, simply enter your IntelLink app and select the IntelLink Video Intercom to activate and monitor live view on your mobile phone.

My WiFi signal on the monitor is weak?2020-08-27T23:36:55+00:00

If the video intercom is too far away from your modem/router, this may affect wifi signal strength. We recommend installing a Wi-Fi internet test app such as “Speedtest by Ookla” to test your Wi-Fi signal and internet speed at the location of your video intercom monitor.

If you find your signal is weak, we suggest to move your modem closer to the video monitor or purchase Wi-Fi signal boosters which are readily available from retail stores.

What internet speeds to I need for smooth operation?2020-08-27T23:37:30+00:00

It is recommended to have minimum 5Mbps internet upload speed. If you are unsure on your internet speeds, we recommend installing a Wi-Fi internet test apps such as “Speedtest by Ookla” to test your Wi-Fi signal and internet speed at the location of your video intercom monitor.

Can my IntelLink Video Intercom send motion alerts to my mobile device?2020-08-27T23:37:48+00:00

The video intercom has motion detection and can record to a microSD card (if fitted) however it cannot send motion alerts to your mobile device.

Why is my monitor showing a blue screen or no picture when doorbell is pressed?2020-08-27T23:38:53+00:00

Firstly, please check the monitor device is set correctly. Master monitor should be set to Device ID 01 and all other monitors set as Device ID 02 to 06. For further information read the user manual instructions here.

Secondly, please check wires on both door station and monitor is not broken and connected correctly.

Can my video monitor record?2020-08-27T23:39:15+00:00

If a microSD card is inserted, the IntelLink monitor can record on doorbell press or motion detection. Recording can be selected as a picture or video recording.


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