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The security of your family and home is important, but so is your time and peace of mind. 

As the crime rate increase, so does the need for home security. 

Traditionally home security was expensive, requiring various hardware, with separate  systems and usually a collection of apps to monitor and view them which can be              frustrating and time-consuming.

The IntelLink family brings all your security needs to one place. 

With IntelLink, you have one app for all, allowing you quick and easy access to your             IntelLink CCTV system, alarm, intercom and even lighting.

Family Safety

View your intercom and CCTV from anywhere, so you can check in on your loved ones.
Using the same app, allow them to enter into your house through the access keypad or intercom.

Asset Safety

Secure your assets with the smart keypad and be alerted if there is someone who doesn’t belong in and around your home.

Community Safety

Keep criminals away with motion sensing floodlights and CCTV systems. Help keep the community safe by deterring criminals from your property. The more security a street has, the more criminals will stay away.
Keep a close eye on your home and assets from anywhere.

See who is at the door. Remotely open the door for friends and family or speak to couriers wherever you are. 

Keep your home secure without making it hard. Open doors, garages and gates easily with a swipe of a fob or scan of a finger. 

Lights up when someone walks past and sends an alert to your phone. Scare them with the siren or speak to them with the 2-way speaker. 

Convert your standard lights into Smart lights and automate your house with schedules or voice control.

Secure your home and be alerted when someone who doesn’t belong walks in your house.

To make the most out of your IntelLink products,