Securing your home often revolves around two things: visibility and deterrence. That is why floodlight cameras, which combine the brilliance of LED floodlights with the surveillance capabilities of a high-definition (HD) camera, can play an important role in home security when used as part of a strategic outdoor security setup.

However, what is the best way to use smart floodlight cameras? What features do you need in the cameras and where should they be placed? This blog will aim to answer these key questions and more so that you can decide if these devices are the right fit for your needs.

What is a Floodlight Camera?

Unlike regular security cameras that simply capture HD images, a floodlight camera – as the name suggests – is also equipped with bright LED floodlights. This makes it suitable for use outdoors and provides several advantages, such as improving visibility around your property at night and eliminating potential hiding spots for would-be intruders.

Smart outdoor floodlight cameras offer a comprehensive suite of features that make them a valuable addition to your home security setup, including being able to capture HD video, detecting and notifying you about movement, having a broad field of view and being weatherproof.

Certain models also have selected smart features such as customisable detection zones, two-way audio communication, remote viewing and even smart home integration. Choosing one simply requires you understanding what you need the camera to do – for instance, not everyone may want two-way communication capability for their outdoor cameras.

Do You Need a Floodlight Camera?

Floodlight cameras are an excellent option for homeowners who want to:

Boost Night-time Security

By lighting up the surrounding area, the camera’s floodlights ensure that any footage captured is clear and that anyone caught in the light would be highly visible. This also has the benefit of making the area safer as would-be intruders are more likely to steer clear of the light to avoid detection. Additionally, its mere presence signals that the homeowner takes security seriously, which also can be enough to deter intruders.

Watch Over Wide Areas

With their broad field of view, floodlight cameras are perfect for overseeing expansive areas such as driveways, gardens, and paths – especially if you have a larger space. They enable you to monitor a vast portion of your property with just one device, making them exceptionally efficient.

Get Immediate Notifications

Thanks to their smart capabilities, many floodlight cameras can alert you on your smartphone the moment they detect motion. This means you’re always in the loop about what’s happening on your property, even if you’re miles away.

Enjoy Two-way Communication

Some floodlight cameras allow you to speak with visitors or confront potential trespassers directly through the device. This feature is invaluable for stopping suspicious behaviour in its tracks or guiding guests to your doorstep.

Where Is the Best Place to Put a Floodlight Camera?

Placement is key to maximise the effectiveness of your floodlight camera. Here are a few tips to ensure optimal coverage:


By strategically placing your floodlight camera, you can ensure comprehensive property surveillance, deterring potential intruders and giving you greater control over your home’s security.

Key Considerations When Installing Your Floodlight Camera


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